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Equine Welfare



1st November


2nd November


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& 2 DAYS
of EQUINE WELFARE MASTERCLASS with Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington


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Two Days with Dr. Marthe Kiley-Worthington

Join us for this very special chance to lead the way in forward-thinking discussions about horse welfare that are underpinned by a practical and realistic approach that is grounded in scientific research. Dr Emily Kieson and Bonny Mealand are delighted to offer you this rare opportunity as the world renown researcher and biologist Dr. Marthe Kiley-Worthington shares her wisdom and experience from a lifetime dedicated to improving animal welfare.

Offered exclusively through Learning Wild and held at Knepp Estate this course invites you on a deep dive into the world of the horse. We will start with the basic rights of life which will be the foundation of our further discussions. Our focus will be on how we can take forward realistic ways of creating better environments that improve the welfare and wellbeing of our horses and ourselves.  
The two days will be full of interactive discussions, observations and high quality information sharing.



  • Developing problem-solving skills for recognising and defining wellbeing and welfare that can be applied to any equine environment

  • Creating progressive and practical approaches to equine management that align with the concepts of basic rights and that support their needs.

  • Discussing and defining those needs through looking into their natural lives and instinctive tendencies.

  • Discussing anthropomorphism: The good and bad and how it can be a useful tool when used conditionally.

  • Recognising common interests between humans and horses and developing new approaches that are mutually-beneficial for horse, human, and the environment.

The course will take place at Knepp Estate and will include indoor discussions at one of Knepp’s classroom buildings. 


The course will also include observations of free-living horses and exploring behind-the-scenes management of equids at Knepp that demonstrate the implementation of sustainable principles. 


All discussions and observations are designed to inspire and support horse owners in developing new strategies in management and interactions that improve the integrated wellbeing of both horse and human.

Your Hosts

Your Hosts


Dr. Marthe Kiley-Worthington has a PhD in the origin and evolution of communication in canids, felids and ungulates from the University of Sussex, MPhil in equine and elephant epistemology from the University of Lancaster, has published 7 books, over 100 scientific papers on mammalian welfare and conservation and has published dozens of articles in major international horse publications. In addition to her immense contributions to the world of equine welfare and ethology, Dr. Kiley-Worthington was the first scientific animal/equine behaviour consultant and leads some of the longest equine behavioural studies worldwide. Her work continues to influence animal welfare and behavioural programs around the world.

Dr Emily Kieson (Equine International) holds a PhD in Comparative Psychology, a MS in Psychology, and a graduate degree in Equine Science. Her research focuses on equine behavioural psychology, equine welfare, and horse-human interactions as they apply to both horse owners and equine-assisted activities and learning programs. Her current research focuses on equine affiliative behaviours to study how horses create and maintain social bonds and how those can overlap with human affiliative behaviours to create authentic lasting friendships between horses and humans. She also has a passion for supporting sustainable systems of horse management and husbandry that promote physical and psychological welfare of the horse while simultaneously supporting sustainable ecosystem practices on small and large scales (for both feral and domestic equids).

To learn more about Emily and Equine International please click here:

Equine International



Bonny Mealand (Touching Wild) qualified as an Equine Podiatrist in 2005 and has been committed to understanding, implementing and promoting a whole horse approach to health and well-being ever since. Bonny specialises in working with wild, free-living equines and “difficult” domestic equines by building trust and helping them learn to be handled in a low stress way. A short clip of Bonny working with some Takhi horses can be viewed here - BBC Inside the Zoo.

Bonny is committed to constantly learning as much about and from equines as possible. Believing that it is possible to define what a life of quality looks like at both a species and individual level. She then uses this perspective to implement a high standard of welfare into their domesticated lives. She is also a retained Firefighter, Somatic Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher and BHS Welfare Advisor and is a MSc student at the Dick vet (University of Edinburgh) studying  Equine Science.

To learn more about Bonny’s work please click here:



She is also the UK representative of the world renown Equine Ethologist Lucy Rees

This is a BHS recognised CPD course which offers
4 points to Accredited Professionals.

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